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My research interests predominantly focus on examining aetiological factors and mechanisms that underpin inequalities observed in mental health, specifically psychoses, and health service use, at the intersection of ethnicity. I aim to adopt a mixed-methods design in addressing key research questions that arise from current epidemiological literature within this research area.



2012 – 2013: MSc Psychiatric Research (Merit) – Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London.

Thesis: ‘Paternal social class at birth as a risk factor for psychosis in later life: A Meta-Analysis’ supervised by Sir Professor Robin Murray, Dr James MacCabe and Dr Simona Stilo. (Attained: Distinction).

2008 – 2011: BSc Psychology (First Class) – University of Essex.

Dissertation: ‘The effects of temporal distinctiveness and recency effects on the free recall of pictures and words’ supervised by Professor Geoff  Ward. (Attained: First Class)



  1. Griffiths, F., Bryce, C., Cave, J., Dritsaki, M., Fraser, J., Hamilton, K., Huxley, C., Ignatowicz, A., Kim, S.W., Kimani, P.K. and Madan, J., 2017. Timely digital patient-clinician communication in specialist clinical services for young people: a mixed-methods study (the LYNC study). Journal of medical Internet research, 19(4). Named as part of wider LYNC study authorship group.
  2. Griffiths, Frances, Armoiry, X., Atherton, Helen, Bryce, Carol, Buckle, A., Cave, Jonathan A. K., Court, Rachel A., Hamilton, Kathryn, Dliwayo, Thandiwe Rebecca, Dritsaki, Melina, Elder, Partick, Forjaz, Vera, Fraser, Joe, Goodwin, Richard, Huxley, Caroline J., Ignatowicz, Agnieszka, Karasouli, Eleni, Kim, Sung Wook, Kimani, Peter K., Madan, Jason, Matharu, Harjit, May, Mike, Musumadi, Luhanga, Paul, Moli, Raut, Gyanu, Sankaranarayanan, Sailesh, Slowther, Anne, Sujan, Mark-Alexander, Sutcliffe, P., Svahnstrom, Isabelle, Taggart, Frances M., Uddin, Ayesha, Verran, Alice, Walker, Leigh, Sturt, Jackie, 2017. The role of digital communication in patient-clinician communication for NHS providers of specialist clinical services for young people (The LYNC study) : a mixed methods study. Health Services and Delivery Research, NIHR Journals Library, Report.
  3. Bryce, C., Griffiths, F., Hamilton, K., Huxley, C., Ignatowicz, A., Dliwayo, T. R., Forjaz, V. & Sturt, J. Enhancing communications between young people living with long term health conditions and their clinical teams: Why is time important? Submitted to Sociology of Health and Illness on 30th May 2017.
  4. Sturt, J., Dliwayo T. R., Forjaz, V., Hamilton, K., Bryce, C., Frazer, J. & Griffiths, F. on behalf of the LYNC study group (in press). Eliciting the impact of digital consulting for young people living with long term conditions (LYNC study): which Patient Reported Outcome Measure?

Poster Presentation

  1. Logan, P. A., Clark, A., Conroy, S., Gladman, J., Godfrey, M., Gordon, A., Leighton, P., Robertson, K., Sach, T., Sims, E., Swart, A., Ward, M., Williams, W., Dliwayo, T. R., Fox, C. & Horne, J. A multi-centre cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate the Guide to Action Care Home (GtACH) fall prevention programme in care homes for older people. Presented at the 14th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation, Glasgow.

PPI Engagement Web Event

  1. ‘Going Digital Forum Theatre’ interactive web event broadcasted online in collaboration with King’s Cultural Institute as part of the dissemination of principal findings from the LYNC Study. Released in December 2016.

Other Intellectual Property

  1. Co-produced LYNC Study Quick Reference Topic Guides which can be found on


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