• A population-level prediction tool for mental health disorders

What is PsyMaptic?

PsyMaptic is an evidence-based, free, online tool for NHS policy-makers and commissioners. It uses empirical epidemiological data about the incidence of psychotic disorders in representative samples in England to make predictions about the number of new cases we would expect to see in different regions of the UK, based on their population structure. It has been validated using data from the SEPEA study .

Why create it?

Early Intervention in Psychosis [EIP] services play a vital role in helping young people in their first episode of psychotic illness, by providing them and their families with clinical, social and therapeutic support. They help people manage their symptoms, and remain active members of society and the economy. To ensure EIP services receive the funding they need from the NHS, we developed PsyMaptic to help service commissioners understand the likely number of people requiring treatment for psychotic disorders each year in England and Wales.

How is it being used?

Our tool is currently being used by a number of NHS commissioning groups, helping service planners to provide adequate resources for young people experiencing psychosis. It has been included the first of Rethink’s ten calls to action for commissioners and is supported by the Joint Commissioning Panel on Mental Health and the IRIS Early Intervention Initiative. We hope that use of the tool will help close the gap between mental and physical funding in the NHS .

Want the science behind the blurb? Follow the links below to the peer-reviewed research papers.

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