James’ IFPE manifesto

In just over 6 weeks, the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology (IFPE) will gather in Sao Paolo, Brasil, for its 17th international meeting, bringing together colleagues from all over the world to promote, share and understand the latest developments towards population-based approaches to a better understanding of mental health and well-being.

Promoting Psychiatric Epidemiology

The IFPE meetings are well-attended, friendly and supportive environments to connect with old and new colleagues, alike, allowing a creative, enriching space for new collaborations and ideas to form.

Ahead of this meeting, voting is currently underway to elect the next committee (2019-2021) of the IFPE, and James is honoured to have been nominated to serve on this board. As a quick reminder of the IFPE’s purpose, it serves to:

  • Promote the spread of knowledge acquired by epidemiological and related research in these fields;
  • Stimulate the development of scientific research methods;
  • Facilitate contacts and exchange of information between researchers of different nationalities and disciplines;
  • Encourage the dissemination and publication of research findings;
  • Sponsor international meetings pursuing these objectives.

I am passionate about serving on this committee. If elected, I will endeavour to strengthen the role that the IFPE plays in representing psychiatric epidemiology and psychiatric epidemiologists on the international scientific stage. It is important that as psychiatric epidemiologists we have an organisation that actively represents our values, aspirations and belief in population-based scientific methods to identify the causes and protective factors which contribute to mental distress and well-being. If elected, I will:

  • Improve the visibility of the IFPE between our international meetings, via a stronger online presence
  • Increase the support and benefits that membership of the IFPE entails, including representation of members interests in epidemiology, mental health and data sciences, regular newsletters, and other initiatives to promote excellence in psychiatric epidemiology
  • Enhance support for Early Career Researchers (ECR) in psychiatric epidemiology through a mentorship scheme, an ECR support network and opportunities to disseminate their research at our international meetings

I look forward to being given the opportunity to serve all of our membership and uphold and strengthen the core purposes of IFPE. Voting forms should have been sent out to members via the current committee, who can be contacted here.

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